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On-Q/Legrand Releases Their Revolutionary Intercom System

New @ Home Controls

OQIC5400On-Q/Legrand has come out with a new Intercom System! The Selective Call Intercom System enables homeowners to communicate with the entire home using the “page all” feature or selectively and privately call directly from one room to another. The system also features a “hands-free reply,” so individuals can respond to a page without pressing a button. Accommodating up to 32 locations, this revolutionary intercom remains easy to use from any location due to its high-resolution color LCD interface. The interface allows the user to enter customized room names, and features dynamic sorting of rooms that moves the most frequently called room to the top of the list.

The Selective Call Intercom System can support three simultaneous conversations, allowing users to communicate throughout the home in an entirely new way. For example, homeowners can monitor the baby’s room, call another child for dinner and page all remaining rooms at the same time. Each unit features an innovative, high-quality microphone and speaker that provides clear, static-free sound. In addition, users can select unique, digital door tones as opposed to traditional chimes.

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