Fun Tricks With A Telephone Door Answering System

Tech Notes

I learned something new about the DoorBell Fon Door Answering System the other day. It turns out that if all you want to do is to have telephone(s) ring inside your house when someone presses the door button at your front door, all you need is a non-lighted door bell switch/button and a 330 ohm resistor wired in series with the switch.

Connect the two wires back to the DoorBell Fon controller Door 1 or Door 2 terminals and you’re done. Once the door button is pressed, the controller will cause the phones to ring in a distinctive pattern…three cycles of 1 second ON (ring) followed by 1 second OFF(no ring). The Door 2 ring pattern is three cycles of 1 second ON followed by half -a-second of OFF. The standard ring pattern for an incoming telephone call is ON for 1 second followed by 3 seconds of OFF.

Personally, I’d rather have the door box speaker in place of just the button, which is the intended use of the system, to be able to communicate with a person at your front door, using the telephone, without having to open the door. Nonetheless, the option of just using a button is available.

So for those of you who have one of these systems already installed, keep the switch and resistor in mind if you ever have to troubleshoot the system if the phones don’t ring. Actually, all you need is the resistor. Momentarily short the Door 1 terminals using the 330 ohm resistor and it should ring the phones. If it does ring, then the problem may be in the wiring or with the door box. Take the resistor out to the door box location, remove the door box, and short the wires going back to the controller. If the phones ring, then it’s not the wiring. You’ve isolated the problem to a bad door box.

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