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Simply Automated, an industry leader in home automation lighting and control, announces availability of a new Dual Output, Universal Powerline Bus (UPB) Dimmer-Transceiver Switch Base (model SAUS2240) with Universal faceplate options to reduce wall-switch clutter and enhance convenience of lighting control and home automation. With two 600 Watt outputs, the number of light switches at an entryway, great-room or even bathroom may be reduce by 50%. Instead of having two, four or more light switches stretching across a wall, the home owner can have all the needed lighting controls in half the space.

Simply Automated’s unique universal faceplate technology offers the home owner 13 interchangeable faceplate choice, including single- double-, triple- or four-rocker faceplates, as well as single- or dual-rocker with 4-buttons, 4-button or 8-button faceplates. There are two button styles, thin-bar or oval, with custom button labeling options. All the faceplates are available in 6 standard colors (white, ivory, almond, light almond, brown and black).

The Dual Output, Universal Dimmer also includes a timer feature that can help save energy. This makes the Universal dimmer ideal for bathroom applications where lights, fan or even heat lamp controls can be doubled up in one junction box and automatically shut-off at a variety of preset times. Other applications for the Dual Output Dimmer include retrofit replacement of conventional dual toggle switches.

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  1. Stephen Quattrucci // March 10, 2010 at 5:34 pm // Reply

    my house is set up with upb switches

    is there an ipod app for controlling them?

  2. Greetings Stephen. Check out a blog we just posted, called “UPB Control Of Your Home With An iPhone or iPod Touch.” These are two iPhone Apps we found that support UPB. Both apps, however, require additional software and products – which may work if you are setting up a UPB system, but not with an existing system. A less expensive option is to use a simple app that controls X10 – see “X10 Control of Your Home With An iPhone or iPod Touch” blog post – and use the X10-to-UPB Transceiver Module (part number WG30097).

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