High Current 220 VAC Relay

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Do you have an application where you need to remotely control a high-current /220 VAC device?  If so, take a look at this product, the ELK9200 Heavy Duty Relay.

The ELK9200 is essentially a heavy-duty relay contactor mounted in a lockable, metal enclosure.  Connect the high power  and load leads to the terminal strip, and plug the attached power cord to the appliance module  of your choice.  Appliance modules (ON and OFF control only; non-dimming) of different protocols such as X10, UPB, or Z-Wave, can all be used to supply the 120 VAC control line voltage to the contactor’s coil, thus switching the heavy-duty contacts.  Use the ELK9200 to control water heaters, electric dryers, motors and pumps up to 60 amps.

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