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Sensaphone – manufacturer of various remote monitoring devices through the phones – is introducing an all new web-based remote monitoring at an affordable price. The Web600 can be used to connect any security alarm panel and make them web-enabled. Additionally, the Web600 can also read values from humidity and temperature sensors,  contact closure inputs from smoke detectors, CO detectors and motion sensors and even outputs from wireless receivers like Linear’s DXR series.

When triggered, the Web600 can send an e-mail alarm message or text message. Up to eight people can be contacted to make sure proper action is taken. With its built-in web server, there is easy access to programming and status. Just point your browser to the Web600’s webpage and fill in the blanks for a quick configuration. Live status and time stamped history about your monitored conditions are readily available online.

Several applications come to mind when Sensaphone  came up with the Web600. First ,of course, was it’s ability to web-enable any security alarm panel. Since it’s completely standalone, it can be used to monitor cold food storage, medical cold storage, and other temperature sensitive areas like  computer rooms and data centers. Just like  the Sensaphone, the Web600 is an excellent tool for the home automation systems installer for a basic yet integratable device for remote monitoring.  Now , if they’ll also include a relay or voltage output that is also controllable via the web I’ll be in hog heaven. 🙂

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