Never Crank A Window Again

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tr435100005b1Would you buy a car today where you had to crank the window open?  Or would you opt for powered windows?

With the Truth Hardware Sentry II WLS Power Window System, TR435100005, it’s like adding powered windows to your home.

I remember growing up in a fairly older house, in order to get a fresh breeze of air I had to crank a window just to get it open and then crank again when closing them.  Then there would always be that one window that was the hardest to crank.

Now with the TR435100005, you can open and close your windows automatically.  The TR435100005 features a low profile design and a quiet running motor.  RF remote compatibility is also standard in this package so you can expand your control capability simply by adding a remote.  The nice thing is, the TR435100005 requires no special preparation and is suitable for new construction and retrofits.

No wonder why this is one of our TOP SELLERS here at Home Controls.  So if you still have to crank open a window, find out all the possibilities this product can bring to your home by clicking here: TR435100005

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