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Making Contact Outputs Wireless

Tech Notes

Cross Point Voice Alert System-6 Wireless Annunciator SystemHave you been in a situation where you needed a sensor, such as a magnetic window contact or a water leak detector, but running wires between the sensor and the alarm/automation panel was not cost-effective or just downright impossible?  Didn’t you wish you could just send that contact signal magically through the air? Well, you can, and there’s a product from Cross Point Industries that can do just that.

The CIVA6000S Voice Alert Kit with Relay is comprised of a console receiver and a wireless motion sensor (PIR) transmitter.  When motion is detected, a signal is sent to the console which responds by annunciating a pre-recorded message and/or activating a Form C relay for up to 60 seconds.  If, however, you don’t want to trigger the console based upon motion, but instead want to trigger on, for example, a water leak, the PIR has screw terminals that can accept an external signal from the leak detector circuitry. The PIR can be configured to ignore motion and use the external signal instead.  Now you can send that water leak detection signal to the console, or any contact signal that closes on alarm, wirelessly, anywhere, within 1000 feet  (line -of-site) of the PIR.  Note that the actual distance will vary with application.

Other key features of the Voice Alert Kit are:

  • Monitor up to six zones per console. Part number for an extra PIR is CIVA6000T.
  • Use mutiple PIRs per zone.
  • Four on-board Form C Relays with independent timed durations
  • PIRs use 9VDC batteries
  • Easily integrates with security and home automation systems


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