New X10 Receiver/Antenna Features USB Connection!

Product Update

WGL has come out with the new WG41032 – WG800USB X10 RF to PC receiver which is designed to receive X10 RF signals generated from various X10 products such as Palm Pad remotes, key chain remotes, Hawkeye motion detectors, and many, many other X10 RF devices.  Before the USB version, WGL offered this solution via a serial (RS232) port which will also send X10 RF commands to your computer.  But why USB?

USB connections are now standard and the prefered method these days for all computers.  Why so?  One of the major benefits of USB is its plug-and-play ease of use, which promotes fast setup times.  Connecting a USB device to a computer requires no action or configuration other than physically plugging the connector into the USB port. Because USB is also hot-pluggable, you do not have to turn off the computer to add or remove a device, and USB bus power often eliminates the need for external power. These features greatly simplify setup and mobility, making USB a good solution for all types of test and measurement applications.

Now add WGL’s WG41032 with USB capability and you have yourself a great combination.  Get yours today by clicking here.

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