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Security cameras are very popular in today’s automated and connected home. The primary method of distributing the camera image, or any type of composite video signal throughout the home, is through the use of a modulator.  However, there are issues that need to be addressed when modulating signals, especially if you are combining the modulator’s RF output with the incoming cable feed. Lack of sufficient channels on which to modulate, interference from adjacent channels, the use of filters, and loss of cable content are a few of those issues.Affinity

Enter Channel Vision and their Affinity Digital Cable Combiner. The Affinity box is a 3 x 8 amplifier, one CATV and two modulated inputs for a total of three, and eight unity gain RF outputs, that allows you to easily combine modulated and digital cable for distribution along a single coaxial cable. Technically, the box really doesn’t combine the signals, but instead, allows for smart switching between cable and the modulated channels.  Switching is initiated via IR control by the viewer at the TV location. Each box can support eight viewers, with each viewer having independent control of the content displayed at that TV. The box eliminates the use of filters and prevents any type of adjacent channel interference.

The Affinity ships with one remote and IR coax adapter. Additional remotes and coax adapters are required for each TV to view the modulated channels, otherwise, only CATV channels will be seen at the TV location.  Check it out.  The Affinity is THE answer to modulating on digital cable, guaranteed!

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