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When several audio video components are installed in close proximity of one another, especially inside a cabinet or enclosure, overheating can cause the system to shut down — or worse, fail all together. Cool Components products from Home Controls offers cooling and ventilation products for amplifiers, receivers, and other equipment installed in today’s home.

Cool Components Dual Fan Cooling System for Full Sized Components: This is a very aggressive and versatile full sized cooling unit (same width as standard components). It circulates air away from components thus protecting equipment from heat accumulations and failures. This unit also allows for, and provides more advanced and unique features than other products on the market. This unit features two top-quality 92mm Levitation fans that are mounted using special mounting hardware which eliminates noise caused by normal fan vibrations.

The unit operates on DC voltage and by adjusting the voltage, the unit can be run silent or more aggressively depending on the application. This unit is ideal for directly cooling amplifiers and receivers installed in cabinetry or rack systems and can also ventilate entire racks and entertainment centers. We also offer two other versions with one featuring four fans and the Fully Loaded version has four fans and four exhaust blowers so hold onto your hat!

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