Today’s ‘Preference’ for Music and Home Theater

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preference_upCertain fine loudspeakers in the audio industry become benchmarks of sound quality or reference standards by which authoritative industry experts judge all others. Preference architectural loudspeakers are the new mark of excellence.

Preference from OEM Systems provide you with the most satisfying sound rivaling competing brands of significantly higher price. Every Preference model loudspeaker is “timbre-matched” ensuring sonic uniformity throughout the line. This means all models have been carefully engineered to have a family sound (also referred to as “voice matching”).

As special effects from movie soundtracks move about the room, timbre-matching ensures a consistent tonal balance throughout the sound space. This creates that convincingly realistic three-dimensional spatial image, which completely absorbs the viewers into the cinematic experience. A home theater system may now consist of various loudspeaker sizes and shapes as dictated by room décor and layout, all the while delivering a seamless, transparent and coherent sound space.

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  1. Preference Speakers sound great and are an excellent choice for many different needs.

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