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Extending the Channel Vision IR Repeating System

Tech Notes

The Channel Vision CVIR5000 is by far one of the most popular IR repeating system kits that we carry (see it here). It has everything you need to control up to four devices, the IR receiver is plasma-proof, and it can be hole or surface mounted.  The only drawback with the CVIR5000 is that the IR receiver comes with a hardwired 36 inch lead.  Yes, it’s possible to cut the 3-wire ribbon cable and solder in an extension, but the wires are small (I’m guessing 28-30 AWG) and depending on your soldering skills, you could be fiddling with that hot iron for awhile.

If you need that extension, and for a little bit more money, I recommend the following components in place of the CVIR5000:

Click here for a system diagram.  The neat thing here is that by using Cat5 cable, you can easily extend the distance between the hub and receiver up to 1000 feet. Both hub and receiver have wire screw terminals so installation is a snap, and you’re left with a very neat and professional looking installation.

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