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New iChime: The World’s Most Versatile Doorbell!

New @ Home Controls

The iChime “Play Anything” Doorbell replaces your existing wired door chime. This doorbell comes with dozens of built-in songs and sounds in 6 different categories. It can play any single built in selection or for more variety, it can cycle between all built-in sounds within a category. You can also record up to 60 seconds total in 6 different locations and select the one you want when you want. The iChime features a large speaker for full, rich sound and can be extended with up to two optional speakers.

Requires 4 AA alkaline batteries (not included). Standard white color, mounts horizontally or vertically.


Ringing your bell will never be the same…

  • Halloween – Play scary music or make it scream!
  • Holiday – Great your guests with music of the season
  • Special Occasions – Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Graduation
  • Animals – Cow moo, Duck quack, Dog bark – anything you want
  • Sports – Play your college fight song or announce your favorite team
  • Chimes – Traditional Ding Dong or Westminster and a lot more
  • TV or Movie – Load your favorite theme song or catch phrase
  • Music – Download Abba to Zepplin or anything in between
  • Talking, laughing, singing, snoring – it is all possible now!

The possibilities are endless. . . the whole family will love it!

More info …

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Jonathan is the Marketing/eCommerce Manager for Home Controls, the premier national distributor for the most comprehensive and unique home automation systems.

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