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For years, we’ve been hearing about the “digital home,” but such discussions are usually highly abstract. Many of us have seen the possibilities and some amazing examples of the digital home on television shows, in movies and in magazines, but where does the average homeowner start if he or she would like to design a digital home?

The unfortunate reality is that no agreed-upon starting point for a digital home has ever existed. No one has developed a concrete, nationally-recognized specification that details exactly what is required to set-up a digital home, and describe what such a home could do — until now!

At a glance, the TechHome Rating System (THRS), developed by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), defines three levels of wiring, known in the electronics trade as “structured wiring,” that can be installed in your home: bronze, gold or platinum. This wiring serves as the infrastructure of your digital home, allowing you and your family to send data, audio and video to various rooms and products throughout your house. Based on which THRS level you choose, you’ll know exactly what home entertainment and automation applications and products you’ll be able to enjoy.

With the help of a TechHome electronic systems contractor (ESC), a technology contractor who will deliver a superior mix of experience, knowledge and ability to your project, CEA’s TechHome Rating System makes it easier than ever before for you to plan and design a digital home. Using a THRS level as a baseline, you can work with your TechHome ESC to identify your technology needs and determine which applications and products you want — and which you don’t want. You can even future-proof your property for future applications and products that you might want later.

After you reach a decision on your THRS level, your local TechHome ESC will continue to serve as your trusted partner to get your digital home up and running — installing the wiring, procuring and installing products, programming applications, testing your system and more.

The TechHome Rating System brings clarity and consistency to the process of planning, designing and implementing your digital home. It applies just as much to existing homes as it does to new construction. With THRS, you’ll learn just what your home would be able to do at each level, and make an educated decision about various applications and products up front, before any wire is run. You’ll establish a solid relationship with a TechHome ESC, who can provide full service after the sale, ensuring your investment in technology will provide maximum performance and enjoyment. And down the road, if you ever look to sell your home, your TechHome Rating will help you explain to homebuyers and realtors at a glance what digital functions your home is equipped to handle.

The digital home is here. It’s now. And with CEA’s TechHome Rating System, it can be yours more easily than ever before. Start today by downloading the nationally- recognized build-to specifications of the TechHome Rating System and meet with an ESC to discuss what level is best for your digital lifestyle.

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