WaterCop Now Features Lead-Free Valves!

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WaterCopA WaterCop automatic water shut-off valve system will provide your home with round-the-clock indoor flood protection and works with wired and wireless flood sensors, wall switches, and most home security and home automation systems. Now, new lead-free valves are approved for sale in all U.S. States, and comply with California AB1953 and Vermont S.152 laws. Read more »

WaterCop offers homeowners many benefits:

  • Added property protection
  • Potential insurance savings (discounts or credits)
  • Integration with home security & automation systems
  • Protects 24 hours a day while you are home or away
  • Conserves water
  • Peace of mind

Now more than ever you need this home flood protection. Maintain a smarter home … install a WaterCop today!

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  1. You’d think that they would have stopped using lead a long time ago.

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