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JackAX: A New & Better 110 Termination Tool!

New @ Home Controls

Platinum Tools JackAX 110 Termination ToolA new & better way to terminate keystone jacks. The patented JackAX seats the wire into the sweet spot of the IDC every time for the ultimate performance and certification!

  • Innovative design ensures 110 jacks are properly terminated eliminating common NEXT and FEXT failures
  • Uses standard 110 blades – no expensive die set heads to purchase, zero dollars tied up in inventory
  • More comfortable to use than the traditional punchdown tool and puck
  • Zero impact termination prevents block damage or stress
  • Increases performance, accuracy and productivity on the job site – translating to more profitability
  • Engineered for ease of use – including applications inside walls and junction boxes
  • Quickly adjusts for 90° and 180° terminations, including single row pairing jacks
  • Blade securely held in place with simple screw
  • Rubber-molded handles for sure grip

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