Simply Automated Introduces UPB Scene Switches

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The new Simply Automated Scene Controllers are used when there is a need to show that lighting scenes or loads are active or not. It is most useful when the lights being controlled are not clearly visible from the location of the scene controller. Examples of this include outdoor lighting, multi-story or large homes. The most common locations for scene controllers include the master bedroom or entry/exits. From the master bedroom the scene controller could provide control and status of exterior security lighting or to see if there maybe lights on in other areas of the home (e.g. down stairs). Entry and exit locations are good to control ‘welcome home’ or ‘away’ scenes, outdoor garden or holiday lighting, as well as outhouse type lighting (e.g. detached garage, pool house, dock, etc…).

Scene controllers are also used as UPB transmitters, since they do not have an output circuit to control a local load. They can be used in retrofit applications, remodels or new home construction. In new construction UPB dimmers or relay modules are used to control power to the load circuits, and the UCQT controls those UPB devices. For new home construction the Electrician’s wiring design ensures proper wiring for scene controllers and circuit-load controllers.

  • Four green LEDs provide scene link status indication
    • Indicates when lighting scenes are on or off
    • Can track and indicate load status, as well as scenes
    • Eight scene link presets control LED functions
    • LED functions: On, Off, Opposite, or No Change
  • Four Buttons for lighting scene control
    • Turn On, Off, or Dim scenes or other UPB devices
    • Choose button mode: On, Off, Toggle, Multi-button, etc…
    • Control any UPB dimmers or relays in the home
  • SimplySmart manual scene link changes
    • Add or delete devices from scene with 7 or 8 button taps
    • Adjust linked devices’ light level and save with 7 tap
  • Interchangeable faceplate assemblies
  • Thinner depth profile allows easy installation
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