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Three new PERS pendants from LogicMark

New @ Home Health Tech

Home Health Tech by Home Controls offers the ultimate Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) from LogicMark. They are recommended by healthcare providers, doctors and experts and are approved for operation in all 50 states and Canada. These are the world’s smallest 2-Way voice emergency pendant communicators that provide complete coverage in and around your home.

LogicMarkLogicMark Guardian Alert 911

Talk Directly through your pendant to a 911 emergency operator at the push of a button. The Guardian Alert 911 system is a set – a base station which plugs into the phone jack – and a pendant which is worn by the user. The system can operate anywhere in and around the home – with the base station plugged into a phone jack in the central part of the home. Read more »

LogicMark FreedomAlertLogicMark FreedomAlert

FreedomAlert is your personal link to Family, Friends, or Emergency Personnel when needed. FreedomAlert allows you to program up to 4 numbers to be reached at the push of a button. Because you are speaking through the pendant, FreedomAlert allows you to personally communicate your emergency from anywhere in your home or yard. Emergencies can happen anyplace. And just one button activation. Read more »

LogicMark LifeSentryLogicMark LifeSentry

LifeSentry is truly the ultimate Personal Emergency Response System. Its patented two-way voice right through the pendant is revolutionizing the industry. This professional system is designed to be sold by professional dealer/installers who work closely with central stations who will monitor this system. There are monthly fees associated with these installations as they provide a full range of support services. Read more »

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