Automatically Shut Off Your Water If Your Water Heater Breaks!

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Our popular WaterCop system just got easier, with the release of the all-in-one LeakStop. The WaterCop LeakStop Single-Point Leak Detection system prevents water damage to your home by detecting leaks at a specific location and automatically shutting off the water supply. Rather than installing an entire home flood control system, the LeakStop provides an affordable way to stop leaks where you already know they’re a risk. Whether you’re home or away, both your property and your wallet are protected.

  • Protects 24 hours a day
  • Conserves water
  • Two moisture sensors cover both sides of your water appliance
  • Automatic water supply shutoff
  • Open/close buttons on control box allow manual valve control
  • Valve remains closed until manually reset

How It Works

The LeakStop brass valve installs directly into your plumbing supply line near the area you want to monitor (may require installation by a licensed plumber). Moisture sensors on the floor detect water if there is a leak. The sensors then send a signal to the control box which closes the valve to shut off the water supply.

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