Pre-Wire your Speakers In Style with EZ Cap

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The Structured Cable Pre-Wire Speaker Installation Kit allows you to choose a location to install wiring for a speaker component prior to speaker installation. After the wallboard is installed, you can return to install a flush mount cap over the wire outlet hole in the drywall. The small, unobtrusive cap provides future access to the wire for easy installation of a speaker.

  • Easy access to pre-wiring
  • Inconspicuous preparation for future component installation
  • Cover can be painted to blend into the wall or ceiling

The Pre-Wire Installation Kit can also be used in other pre-wire applications such as security systems, garage door motor control wire, or any device that requires low-voltage wire to penetrate the drywall of a structure.

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  1. This is great and could come in very handy with wiring done in advance of actual installation.

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