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Low Current Sirens from Interlogix

Tech Notes

Every now and then, I’ve been asked how to install three or more sirens for an alarm panel. Since most security systems typically have a max output of 1000 mA, 3 or more sirens would overload the panel.

A solution would be to use an external relay to power up the additional sirens.

Interlogix Compact Piezo "Screamer" Siren Interlogix Compact Piezo "Screamer" Siren  Interlogix Compact Piezo "Screamer" Siren

A simpler solution is to use Interlogix Security’s MPI-47 series of sirens. They draw 175 mA and come in three different mounting styles: recessed rectangular, recessed round or surface round. I prefer the recessed round in most cases because it is least conspicuous among the three. With a piezo sound output of 106dB, it can be very intense, especially if multiple ones are installed!

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