M&S Systems VMC1 Video Security Intercom Now Available

New @ Home Controls

Home Controls is now offering the brand new Video Security Intercom product line from M&S Systems.

The M&S Systems VMC1 Video Security Intercom is the only residential system that integrates complete intercom functionality with live video and home automation control – giving you multiple communication and security features in one efficient package. Far from a simple door-to-video screen entry system, the VMC1 seamlessly combines security video, lighting control, e-mail notification and active camera viewing– all with hands-free response capability – to offer exceptional whole-house communication and entryway security.

Created for medium to larger-sized homes and smaller commercial businesses, the VMC1 integrates point-to-point, point-to-group and whole-house intercom functions. The system supports up to 20 remote stations (including up to three color video camera stations), and controls multiple output switches that automate home security. With optional accessories, the VMC1 delivers even greater, integrated convenience.

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