Get Email Alerts When Your House Gets Too Hot

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Wow, it’s been hot lately! Home Controls offers a very easy-to-install product that allows you to remotely monitor your home when you away, and let’s you know when the heat is just too much.

Temperature Alert monitors a room’s ambient temperature and alerts you by e-mail when it rises or falls outside your acceptable range. Use it at home to maintain a comfortable living environment and protect your valuable electronics. Or bring it into your business for reliable temperature monitoring of server rooms, data centers and more. The USB stick installs in just one minute and includes user-friendly software that gives you customized ways to keep tabs on temperature.

  • Monitors the ambient temperature and alerts you via e-mail when it rises or falls
  • Customizable alert message can be sent continuously or just once
  • Logs temperature history and current conditions
  • Optional PC Shutdown protection in case your hardware heats up

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