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New @ Home Controls

Home Controls is thrilled to have added several new products from Ecolink. Check out the new 4-Button security remotes (available in both GE-compatible and DSC-compatible versions).

The Ecolink 4-Button Remote  provides convenient wireless control of any security system. With proven reliable wireless technology, exceptional range and four simple buttons, you can easily arm, disarm, and activate panic mode for your system. The remote is even water-resistant for use in the rain or shower.

Four Simple Buttons

  • Stay Arming: Press this button to arm your system while you are still at home. All the doors and window will be armed but the motion detectors will remain in standby mode.
  • Away Arming: Press this button to arm your system when no one will be home. All the sensors in the system will be in the armed mode.
  • Disarm: Press this button to disarm your system. You do not have to enter your access code when you use this key to disarm the system.
  • Panic: Press and hold this button to activate the panic mode of your security system. Depending on how the panel is programmed this will send a notification to your monitoring station and/or activate the alarm siren.

Each product has a six-digit unique serial number printed on the back. This is required to assign your remote to the security system. Read more »

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