You’re Not Hearing Things. It’s Your Security Keypad Talking!

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This is a perfect upgrade to an existing (or even new) Napco Gemini Security System. The Napco Gemini GEM-K1VPS Talking Keypad includes an array of advanced features that add functionality to your Gemini security system. With the keypad’s built-in PIR motion sensor, you can monitor your living area without purchasing a separate sensor. The keypad also includes a built-in siren to automatically alert you and your family when the system is triggered. And finally, this Talking Keypad offers voice prompts with adjustable volume, providing simple programming and operation.

  • Talking voice prompts with adjustable volume
  • Built-in 4-zone expansion module
  • Built-in 88db burg/fire alarm siren (temporary hush mode)
  • Built-in wide-angle pet-immune PIR and smart occupancy sensor
  • Log viewing and optional temperature display

In addition to detecting intruders, the built-in occupancy sensor recognizes activity in front of the display to automatically turn on the display’s backlight. This allows you to easily find and operate your security system at night.

The keypad’s built-in expansion module automatically expands your security system by four zones. The GEM-K1VPS also offers a deluxe custom alphanumeric LCD display with auto-sensing dim mode for easy reading at any time of day. With a sleek design in soft white, the keypad complements any decor. Read more »

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