Cut Energy Costs with “Green” Showerheads

Energy Savings

Using an evolve showerhead or adapter can save a yearly average of 2,700 gallons of water, the fossil-fueled energy it takes to heat it – and up to $75 off your utility bill.

SL2107BNSBDo you multitask while you wait for the shower to get hot? Brush your teeth? Make the bed? Maybe even pick out your clothes or iron a collar? Many of us do – and don’t know that while we’re feeding the dog or grabbing that second cup of coffee, two-and-a-half gallons of hot water per minute are funneling down the drain.

That’s where evolve showerheads and adapters come in. Utilizing the unique, patent-pending ShowerStart technology, these products allow you to continue multitasking – only now you’re saving water instead of wasting it.

Evolve showerheads and adapters do this by stopping the flow to a trickle when the water reaches a comfortable 95 degrees. This way your hot water’s no longer running down the drain while you’re away from the shower.

Two styles to choose:

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