“Broaden Your Horizons” With A Somfy Automated Drapery Opener

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Somfy challenges you to broaden your horizons with their new and improved Glydea automatic drapery opener motor system. Somfy Glydea offers a discreet, flexible and robust automated drapery opener solution to spark your imagination. Two options are available: The Glydea 35 is ideal for draperies up to 30 feet (9m) and the Glydea 60E is ideal for draperies up to 35 feet (10.9m).

  • Glydea provides a convenient solution for glare reduction and privacy while reducing energy costs and protecting furnishings from damaging UV rays
  • Extends the lifespan of draperies by eliminating the damage associated with manual operation
  • Available for all types of draperies, including Pinch Pleat, RippleFold and Accordia
  • Compatible with various Somfy controls, including handheld remotes, wireless wall switches, tabletop controls and timers, and third-party automation systems.

Customized Design

Somfy Glydea is customized to fit your window configurations. Please call 1-800-266-8765 for personalized assistance.

Somfy Glydea 60e Automatic Drapery Opener SystemAesthetic

  • The control module’s patented cover design conceals unsightly cables and protects the connectors and control modules inside the motor.
  • Automatic or adjustable limit setting.
  • Rail design and swivel ceiling bracket minimize the light gap.
  • Soft start and soft stop.


  • Patented, flexible master carrier reduces friction and is adaptable for various drapery types.
  • Various plug-in control modules allow Glydea to easily adapt to third-party control protocols, including Radio Technology (RTS), RS485, RS232, Z-Wave and Zigbee.
  • Custom curves and bends available.
  • Exclusive cable cover allows you to reverse cable direction for easier access to power.


  • Touch Motion feature allows you to activate the motorized drapery simply by pulling on the fabric. Two sensitivity settings available.
  • Manual Override disengages the motor when drapery is adjusted manually. This is ideal for power outages and also protects the fabric from damage.
  • My Function allows user to set a preferred drapery openness position for easy access.
  • Adjustable speed: 4.9 to 7.86 inches per second.


  • Motor design and timing belt provide quiet operation (<44dBA).
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