Get Ready for a {Entertainment Networking} Revolution

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The Entertainment Networking Revolution

Our home networks are rapidly evolving into home entertainment networks. Smart TVs, video streaming, online gaming and video chatting are becoming the norm for homeowners and creating the demand for a robust network. These fast changes and rapid advancements can be confusing at times.

To assist homeowners in understanding these emerging networking trends, On-Q/Legrand has just released a new white paper, “The Entertainment Networking Revolution.” In this free document, they discuss the evolution of the home network and how you can capitalize on the accelerating opportunity to provide complete home network solutions. They cover wired, coax, wireless, powerline and cellular networks in a language that is easy to grasp and even master.

Become an expert in today’s emerging networking trends.  Learn how to specify the best solutions for your customers and join the revolution.  Download your free copy of our white paper now.

And when you are an expert, be sure to come back to Home Controls to get all your networking equipment!

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