iBridge Expands Your Security System To Control Your Entire Home

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Napco iBridge

Home Controls is now offering the brand new iBridge Connected Home System from Napco Security. This new product line not only features remote control of your Napco Gemini Security System, but also allows you to expand your system to include home automation features! Napco’s iBridge line of interactive remote services – including security, video, lighting, temperature and locking controls – are available through the iBridge App for use on any smartphone (iPhone or Android) and smart device (tablet or iPad).

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iBridge home automation controls operate using Z-Wave, a proven, wireless mesh networking technology that is a standard in wireless home control. Devices can be manually activated, locally or remotely, and set to respond with custom scenes, schedules or occupancy (ie, when a room is entered lights light, temperature is increased, etc.). Anytime a custom scene is created, a button with the same name is automatically added to the Scenes Screen, so that it can later be manually activated at will, too.


  • Control any Gemini security system
  • Set/Reset alarms remotely
  • Provide e-alerts, texts and video messages on alarm or event
  • Open or lock doors with integrated Z-Wave Remote Module locks

Video Surveillance

  • Using iSee Video WiFi Cameras and Napco’s a secure WiFi Camera Network with recording option (sold separately), you can see what’s happening in the home whenever you’re not at home.

Home Automation

  • Control lights and appliances with Z-Wave integration and Z-Remote module (sold separately).
  • Change by need, room, scene or schedule.
  • Set and schedule home temperature. Control/override your thermostat on-premises or remotely.

What You Need

1: Napco iBridge Z-Wave Device Support Module

Unlike competitive products where an expensive touchscreen is central to the home control line, Napco made the iBridge App and suite of services the focus, and they are all provided on any Napco System by  adding the affordable Napco iBridge Z-Wave Device Support Module (IBR-ZREMOTE), along with the Napco iBridge Wireless Panel Interface (IBR-WIFI-MOD). This gives you a wide choice of control options.

Napco iBridge Z-Wave Device Support Module provides:

  • Security system control (same as iRemote-Mod Module)
  • Internet access
  • Z-Wave device control
  • Integration of control panel activity with cameras and the Z-Wave appliances

2: Choose from three control options:

System Requirements

  • Requires a Napco Gemini Security System with a Napco IBR-ZREMOTE module and IBR-WIFI-MOD Wireless Panel Interface installed; a standard router and model are also required.
  • Napco iSee Video WiFi Cameras are required to take advantage of the video surveillance features.
  • Controllable Z-Wave devices are required to take advantage of home automation features.

See the entire Napco Security product line at Home Controls here:

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