New Napco DK Keypads Feature Clean, Decorator Door Design

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Napco Gemini Door Style KeypadNapco Security has introduced the DK series of keypads, now featuring a clean, decorator door design to offer homeowners a sleek, intuitive keypad for controlling Gemini control panels. In addition to enhancing aesthetic appeal, the flip-down door also helps prevent unauthorized access.

The keypads features quick and easy to use “stay and away” keys, which provide convenient system arming for both day (away) and night (stay) modes. Each of the large soft-touch backlit keys includes a programmable touch-tone feature to provide audible feedback with a button is pressed. With EZ Keypad Programming, you can easily configure the keypad to work with your security panel.

Napco Gemini GEMDK1CA Door Style Custom Alphanumeric Keypad

  • Napco Gemini GEMDK1CA Door Style Custom Alphanumeric KeypadFlip-down door covers keys and prevents unwarranted use
  • Contemporary, pure black and white styling
  • Built in 4-zone expansion module
  • Stay and away ease-of-use buttons

The keypad works with Gemini control panels and features a built-in 4-zone expansion module, allowing you to automatically expand your security system’s functionality. The GEMDK1CA also offers a deluxe 32-character backlit, menu-driven, dual-line display for easy reading and programming.

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