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ELK Unveils Innovative Wireless PIR Motion Sensor

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ELK Wireless PIR Motion DetectorELK Products has expanded their collection of two-way wireless security sensors with a new Wireless PIR Motion Detector. Intended to be used in residential and light commercial installations, the PIR incorporates advanced features designed to ensure reliability, ease of installation, and provide innovative security enhancements.

The ELK Wireless PIR Motion Detector senses motion up to 49 feet (selectable), and features a high-quality dual element Pyroelectric sensor with an adjustable pulse count to reduce false alarms. The detector is compatible with Elk M1 controls, as well as the Two-Way Wireless Transceiver (M1XRFTW).

  • Selectable coverage range, up to 49 x 49 feet
  • Adjustable pulse count reduces false alarms
  • Two selectable sleep mode durations
  • Programmable “on” activation through M1 Rules

See It

With a built-in high-intensity white LED, the motion detector clearly indicates when motion has been detected by flashing the light, in addition to triggering an audible alarm. The light can also be used for temporary convenience lighting at night. To simplify installation, you can remotely enable/disable the detector’s Walk Test Mode from a keypad.

ELK’s leading two-way wireless technology for the M1 Control revolutionizes the reliability and functionality of wireless peripherals for homes and businesses. The two-way wireless product family includes the M1XRFTW Wireless Transceiver, the 6020 Slim-Line Door/Widow Sensor, the 6021 Mini Window Sensor, the 6022 Universal Three Zone Sensor, and the attractive four-button 6010 key fob that provides a visual confirmation of arm status and alarm condition. Additional wireless devices, including a smoke detector and glass break, are under development.

See the entire ELK 2-Way system here:

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