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Huge Savings On On-Q evoQ 1000 Speakers

Home Controls Sale

Our biggest sale of the year just got bigger. Home Controls has made a special deal with On-Q/Legrand to liquidate excess inventory of some amazing audio/video products. This exclusive promotion means a savings of up to 77% off! We’ve just added afew evoQ 1000 speakers, and several more Keystone wallplates and connectors. Here’s a hint of what’s on sale – you can see the entire collection at:

On-Q evoQ 1000 6.5″ Single Location Stereo In-Ceiling Speaker

OQMS1652V1SAVE 43%: Experience high-quality audio in a small space by installing the On-Q/Legrand evoQ 1000 6.5 In. Single Location Stereo In-Ceiling Speaker. This single-location stereo speaker features a dual tweeter to produce both the left and right audio channels, offering optimum, efficient music distribution wherever you need it. It’s perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and other smaller rooms.

  • Dual tweeter supports left and right audio channels
  • Ideal for smaller rooms (bathroom, kitchen, etc.)
  • Moisture-resistant construction

On-Q evoQ 1000 6.5″ Aimable In-Ceiling Speaker

n-Q/Legrand evoQ 1000 6.5" Aimable In-Ceiling SpeakerSAVE 20%: If your home theater room has an unusual shape or size, you can still experience excellent sound quality with the On-Q/Legrand evoQ 1000 6.5 In. Aimable In-Ceiling Speaker. These adjustable speakers feature pivoting tweeters and angled drivers that allow you to optimize audio output according to unique room acoustics. The speaker mounts flush into the ceiling for front, side or rear installations. Point it directly at the main listening area, like your couch or recliner!

  • Speaker can be rotated 360 degrees to target the sound
  • Pivoting tweeter enhances directional flow of sound
  • Woofer adjusts up to 15 degrees
  • Flush-mount for clean, seamless installation

On-Q evoQ Square Speaker Adapter Bracket

On-Q/Legrand evoQ Square Speaker Adapter BracketSAVE 73%: The On-Q/Legrand evoQ Square Speaker Adapter Bracket converts 6.5-inch round speakers into a square shape, offering an attractive alternative for in-wall or in-ceiling mounting. The adapter can be installed to create a diamond or square appearance that blends into the ceiling or wall. The grill can even be painted to match your decor.

  • Universal design accommodates most 6.5-inch round speakers
  • Rotates to create a custom diamond or square look
  • Ideal for flat panel TV sound for front and center channel speakers
  • Paintable grill for perfectly matching decor

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