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Once a novelty, the wired home has become essential, providing crucial access to advances such as high-speed Internet, digital television and data networking – advances that are becoming vital to functioning in the digital age. The challenge lies in creating an infrastructure that works with the systems already in a home, one that anticipates technological advances, lays the groundwork for the whole-house media system of the future, and incorporates high-tech solutions such as category-rated cabling and components, and opens doors to possibilities.

The answer lies in the Structured Media System from Leviton. Structured Media Systems use an advanced, standards-compliant star topology to create one central convergence point in your home for all media and home electronics distribution. Simply run cables from individual rooms to one of a variety of Structured Media Centers, and use Leviton’s innovative selection of modules and panels to manage and distribute audio, video, voice and data in the configuration best suited to a home’s needs.

A Leviton Connected Home

Get enterprise-grade, best-in-class broadband network performance capability with Leviton’s Connected Home components. All Structured Media solutions are engineered to work together, providing a clean and organized base and simplifying integration from rough-in through line activation.

1Structured Media Enclosures: These versatile enclosures allow you to manage and distribute a full range of voice, data, audio, and video wiring from one central location. Our enclosures can be installed in wood frame, concrete, and cinder block construction.

2Data Patching & Distribution: Leviton offers durable CAT 6 and 5e panels and modules for data cable distribution. The high-end Twist & Mount Panel makes installation easy and provides easy access for moves, additions, or changes in the home networking.

3Telephone Patching & Distribution: Choose from a wide selection of telephone distribution boards, modules, or panels for the secure feel and sound of a telephone landline. Our Telephone Input Distribution Panel (TIDP) supports inputs for use with “triple play” modems and complements the look and simplicity of our Twist & Mount Patch Panels.

4Internet Routers and Switches: Leviton has high-speed routers to share Internet access over a Wide Area Network (WAN) in the home or office, and Ethernet switches to network additional PCs, printers, and other peripherals beyond router capacity.

5Premium & Passive CATV Splitters: Distribute the incoming RF signal to locations through a home via coaxial cable using Leviton’s passive CATV splitters, or use Premium splitters to optimize the performance of digital cable signals to handle HDTV. The Premium splitter’s forward path internal amplifier provides equal input and output levels on all ports.

6Ultra High Flex Patch Cords: The structured cabling system you install today will likely change tomorrow. Ultra High Flex Patch Cords help make changes easy. They allow for tighter radius connections and a cleaner finished appearance inside a dressed Structured Media enclosure.

7Camera Hub: The compact Camera Hub integrates security with the rest of the home’s technology. It distributes connectivity to up to four cameras over CAT 6 or CAT 5e connectivity, while only occupying a single bracket in a Structured Media enclosure.

8Multi-Room Audio: Multi-room audio, coupled with Leviton’s in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, delivers superior sound in a convenient, low-profile package. With individual volume controls in each room, and the distribution module housed in your structured media enclosure, any amplifier and receiver can serve up music throughout your house.

9Integrated Power Supply: Structured cabling systems rely on active gear that require low voltage power and surge protection. Leviton offers power supplies with extra plugs that eliminate the need for bulky power adapters within enclosures.

10ISP Modem (provided by service provider): The modem converts DSL, cable, or fiber optic signals for Internet access for triple play service or pure data connections.

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