Greenfield Automatic Valve Kit Protects Your Home From Water Damage

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When connected to a home automation system, the complete Greenfield Automatic Security Valve Kit enables remote control for your home’s water supply. Designed to help protect your property from water damage and give you added peace of mind, the kit also works in conjunction with automation sensors, such as a moisture detector or a water level sensor. As soon as a leak is noticed, the security valve kit can be manually operated to turn off your water supply, or if setup with sensors, it can turn off the supply automatically.

  • Valve opens and closes quickly for reliable protection
  • Actuator provides feedback when the valve is open or closed
  • Compatible with major brands of automation/security systems
  • Approved for drinking water applications in all 50 states

The kit’s high-torque electric actuator and valve connect to your water supply. Because the rugged actuator is waterproof and weatherproof, it can be installed either indoors or outdoors. This provides 24/7 remote access to the water supply.

The full port valve features a manual handle for emergency override of the system. The three-piece carbon steel valve body comprises a stainless steel ball, body, and stem, with FNPT threads. The valve is approved for use with water, oil, and gas applications, and is pressure rated to 600 PSI (1 inch) and 1,000 PSI (1/2-inch to 2 inches) at 70 degrees F.

Gas Rated

Greenfield also provides remote control over the home’s gas supply. Works in conjunction with an automation system. See here:

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