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Love It Or Hate It? We Want Your Opinion

New @ Home Controls

Product ReviewsHome Controls has added a new Product Reviews feature to our website,, allowing customers to share their opinions about smart home automation products available through one of the industry leading distributors.

This new features is not just any review service either. Home Controls has partnered with BazaarVoice to offer Power Reviews, a robust system that goes beyond just asking to simply rank a product. At Home Controls, you can also add Pros, Cons, Best Uses, Recommendations and even photos and videos!

“Everyone is interested in what users think about the products we sell.  Home Controls has made it simple for anyone to express their thoughts about the products we sell,” said Ken Kerr, president of Home Controls. “It’s just another service we offer to our customers to show them how much we value their business.”

Have you purchased from Home Controls before? Log onto our website and post a review on the product you purchased! Even if you haven’t purchased from Home Controls, but are an avid smart home enthusiast, you can post reviews. No log-in is required.

All reviews are moderated by both Home Controls and BazaarVoice. We get rid of the spam and fake reviews so you can trust our comments with confidence. We even designate reviews as Verified Shopper or Verified Reviewer, and designate when our staff posts a comment with Staff Review icons.

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In business for more than 29 years, Home Controls is the premier national distributor for the most comprehensive and unique home automation systems.

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