Creating A 3-Way Switch Just Got Easier

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Creating a 3-Way Switch in your home just got easier! Home Controls is excited to add the Simply Automated Anywhere 3-Way Switch Kit to our online catalog.

The Simply Automated Anywhere 3-Way Switch Kit provides a basic solution to creating 3-way control for a single light. The kit includes two on/off light switches (120VAC/60Hz) with gloss white faceplates. This elementary, no-new-wires solution allows homeowners to install 3-way lighting control without running new wires or using a more expensive wireless option. It’s perfect for controlling lighting in a hallway, stairway, or any other location where two switch locations for one light can enhance convenience.

  • Enables 3-way control for loads up to 900W
  • LEDs indicate on/off status
  • Replace standard light switches
  • Connect to existing switch wires

Pressing the top of either rocker switch will turn on the connected light, and pressing the bottom turns it off. The blue-green LEDs on both switches indicate the light’s on/off status.

Get the Kit Here:

Supports Most Lighting Loads

These professional grade switches feature a patented heat sink design to ensure cool operation and long life, as well as thermal overload protection for safety. They support incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, LED, magnetic and electronic low-voltage lighting transformers and ballasts up to 900W.

Foundation for 4-Way or 5-Way Control

Each switch replaces an existing light switch in a standard single-gang box, and connects to your existing switch wires (white neutral wire connection required). Using Simply Automated’s advanced powerline communication technology, each switch transmits over 1 mile on 14 gauge wire. To create a 4-way, 5-way, or more switch, install the Simply Automated Anywhere 4- or More-Way Add-On Switch (US1-V0, sold separately).

Get the Add-On Switch Here:

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