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Expand Your Smart Home To Protect Against Water Leaks

New @ Home Controls

ELK Water Shutoff ValveImagine a pipe suddenly bursting in your home. What happens next? Costly water damage, if you don’t catch the leak in time. But nothing terrible happens at all if you install the Elk Water Shutoff Valve.

New and improved and just released by Elk Products, this electric water shutoff valve installs on your home’s main water line and connects to a home automation or security controller. If something goes awry, the controller can trigger the valve to immediately shut off the main water supply to the building. The water flow stops and your home is protected!

  • Shuts off water supply in under two seconds
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Simple 12VDC, four (4) conductor hookup
  • Valve direction/water flow indication

See it Here:

In order for the valve to automatically activate, it must be triggered either automatically by a single pole, double throw (SPDT) relay or manually with an SPDT emergency button. The valve can also be opened/closed anytime using its manual override handle.

Approved for Residential and Commercial Use: The Elk Water Shutoff Valve features a 1-inch full bore stainless steel ball valve with commercial grade seats and seals. This valve does not restrict water flow and meets the NSF and NEMA approvals of state and municipal water authorities. The motorized actuator has a permanently lubricated gear drive with sufficient torque to open or close the valve under high pressure or after long periods of inactivity.

NOTE: Requires a 12VDC voltage source (not included).

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1 Comment on Expand Your Smart Home To Protect Against Water Leaks

  1. This is the very nice and unique device to stop the water leakage. Just like that there are many devices in the market which helps you to makes your home smart.

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