Play Spooky Halloween Music (and More) with the MP3 Doorbell

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Create your own door chimes with the NuTone Universal Wired/Wireless MP3 Doorbell! This doorbell mechanism features 128MB of built-in memory, providing plenty of space to upload high-quality MP3s via USB. When visitors ring your doorbell, they’ll hear your chosen song, tone, or any other digital audio sound. Great for parties, holidays and even game day!

  • Upload any MP3 song or sound via USB
  • Comes pre-loaded with 8 chimes
  • Suitable for new or retrofit installation
  • Mounting hardware included

See it Here:

The doorbell also comes pre-loaded with eight chimes (various Westminster, 2-Note and Single-Note sounds), so you can start using it right away while deciding which song is best for your guests! Simple audio controls allow you to select your desired volume, and a timer allows you to play a sound for 5, 10, or 20 seconds, or play the full song.

New or Retrofit Installation

The versatile MP3 Doorbell accommodates either wired or wireless installation, making it an easy new or retrofit install in both owned and rented homes. The mechanism’s molded plastic cover is paintable, so you can match it perfectly to any room in your home.

The doorbell mounts indoors and connects to a pushbutton (sold separately) near your front door. You can wire it to an existing button, or install a new wired or wireless button. When set up wirelessly, the doorbell mechanism communicates with the button up to 100 feet away, giving you many mounting location options.

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