New Big Red is an All-In-One Network Cable Stripper and Cutter

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The Platinum Tools BR1 “Big Red” Multi-Stripper is an all-in-one stripping and cutting tool for most cable types and sizes used in networking. One side of the tool has an adjustable stripper for twisted pair and audio cables. The other side has cutters for both cable and wire conductors. Combined, they make voice, data and video cabling a Big Red snap!

  • Supports most cables used for voice, data and video
  • Adjustable stripper for twisted pair and audio cables
  • Cutters for both cable and wire conductors
  • Velcro braid comb for folding the braid back over the cable jacket

See it Here:

The stripper side features a removable cassette that easily snaps in and out for rotation. One cassette side strips RG6 and RG59 cables, while the other side strips RG11, RG7 and larger cables. Velcro conveniently sits right below the cassette slot for folding the cable braid back over the jacket of coax cable.

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