Add Music To Your Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Fun Facts

Wanna really spruce up your outdoor Christmas lighting and decorations this year? How about adding the element of outdoor music to accompany the twinkling lights, inflatable snow globes and motorized reindeer?

What You’ll Need

  • Outdoor Speakers
  • Audio Amp
  • Waterproof Enclosures & Wire

Putting It Together

Home Controls offers several makes of outdoor speakers and they come in the standard, rectangular-shaped box, best suited for installation under the eaves, rock-shaped ones that blend in with the terrain, or in-ground units that can be easily concealed by shrubbery and landscaping.

By now you may be thinking that connecting the speakers to an audio source and amplifier might be a hassle, especially if  the source and amp is located inside of your house.  To eliminate that hassle, I’m suggesting the use of a tiny little amplifier called the NetMedia KickAmp. The KickAmp is a digital amplifier capable of 20 watts per channel, and accepts a line level signal through a mini jack from an MP3 player, iPod, CD player, or from whatever source you have.

Since we’re talking Christmas decorations here, you probably have an extension cord or two crisscrossing the yard, right? Run power to a suitably sized waterproof enclosure, hmmm, a bucket with a lid sounds good to me, to safely house and power-up the KickAmp and audio source.  Run the speaker cable from the amp to the speakers of your choice and your pretty much done with the installation.  Direct-burial, low-voltage lighting cable works  great, by the way, for this application. Use the 14 gauge wire, if you can.

There you go. A temporary, portable way to bring your music outdoors. Be safe, and rock the neighborhood with your favorite Christmas tunes!

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