Introducing the SkylinkHome Indoor/Outdoor HomeControl Starter Kit

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SkylinkHome Indoor/Outdoor HomeControl Starter Kit
Control your lights and appliances from anywhere in the world by installing the SkylinkHome Indoor/Outdoor HomeControl Starter Kit. This expandable DIY home automation system provides everything you need to control one light and one appliance using the included remote, your smartphone, or a PC.

Grab the remote while you’re lying in bed, or pull up the free smartphone app while you’re vacationing thousands of miles away. EIther way, you have instant remote access to your home. The kit is pre-programmed and installs in less than 5 minutes!

See the kit here:

  • Turns on/off and dims/brightens one plug-in lamp
  • Turns on/off one plug-in appliance (indoor or outdoor)
  • Pre-programmed for quick installation
  • Free smartphone app for long-distance control

As a special holiday bonus, this kit as well as all SkylinkHome products are 20% off for the month of December (10% off for dealers)!

Easy Remote Control Setup

SkylinkHome wireless controls are specifically designed for DIY setup. You can enable remote control for your lamp (indoor only, up to 300 Watts) by plugging it into the Plug-In Dimmer, and then plugging the dimmer into a standard power outlet. Now, press button 1 on the remote to turn the light on and off! The dimmer also supports dimming when used with a dimmable lamp.

Automating a plug-in appliance works the same way. Plug your appliance (up to 1500 Watts/120V) into the waterproof On-Off Control Module, and then plug the module into an indoor or outdoor power outlet. You can now control the appliance with button 2 on your remote. To control more lights and appliances, install additional modules (sold separately) and follow the simple instructions for programming them to your remote.

Anywhere Internet Access

The included Internet Hub links your SkylinkHome modules with the internet, giving you wireless control over your home from anywhere in the world. The hub plugs into your Internet router, and communicates with modules up to 300 feet away. This allows you to turn your automated electronics on/off with the free Skylink HomeControl smartphone app or through an online portal.

7-Button Remote

The 7-Button Remote Control can send three different types of commands to your SkylinkHome modules: individual, zone/scene, and all on/all off. Individual commands control a single module. Zone commands control groups of modules. And the “All On/All Off” command controls everything that has been programmed to the remote.

Kit Includes

  • Internet Hub (HU-318)
  • Plug-In Dimmer (PL-318)
  • On/Off Control Module (PA-318)
  • 7-Button Remote (TC-318-7)
  • Power Adapter
  • Ethernet Cable

NOTE: Requires an Internet router for the Internet Hub.

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