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Designed for indoor/outdoor residential or commercial use, the Linear DoorGard Electronic Access Control Cylindrical Lockset adds security to a door without the need for wiring. The battery-operated lockset features a keypad and a built-in master access control system that stores up to 120 entry passwords. The DoorGard lockset can also be locked/unlocked with one of the two included traditional keys.

  • Stores up to 120 different passwords
  • 20-second lockout after 3 incorrect password attempts
  • Passwords are saved during battery removal
  • Override key for emergency situations
  • Durable construction designed to last more than 10 years
  • Available Models: Brushed Chrome/Left Hand, Brushed Chrome/Right Hand, Polished Brass/Left Hand, Polished Brass/Right Hand

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Passwords can be one to six digits in length and digits can be repeated. The lockset is designed with a safeguard against forced entry — the outside lever is not mechanically connected to the latch until the lock activates. Additionally, after three invalid code attempts, there is a 20-second lockout period for the keypad.

The DoorGard lockset easily installs in 15 minutes into any standard cylindrical door prep (ANSI 151.8). All the required mounting hardware is included. With four AA batteries installed, the keypad can be activated approximately 15,000 times, equating to a battery life of about five years with 10 activations per day. When the battery life gets low, the lockset will activate a Low Battery Alert, indicating 30 more uses left.

A Master Code is always stored in User Location One (1). A reset button inside the lock can be used to restore factory defaults and erase stored codes.

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