Control Indoor Humidity Levels with the Leviton Humidity Sensor & Fan Control

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Save energy while keeping condensation to a minimum by connecting the Leviton Humidity Sensor and Fan Control to your ventilation fan. When the sensor detects excess humidity, it triggers the fan to automatically turn on, helping you prevent mold and mildew. When moisture has been adequately removed from the air, the Humidity Sensor and Fan Control will turn your fan off. It’s perfect for efficiently controlling moisture levels in bathrooms, basements, spas, and other rooms prone to excess humidity.

  • Turns on fan when excess humidity is detected
  • Pushbutton control for immediate ventilation
  • Adjustable air sensitivity to prevent false tripping
  • Meets CALGREEN requirements for Indoor Air Quality and Exhaust
  • Installs in a standard wall box

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Customize Moisture-Activated Ventilation

Two dials located under the face of the Control allow customization for the perfect ventilation setup. One dial controls the built-in timer, which allows you to set the ventilation fan’s “minimum ON time” according to 10, 20, 30 or 45-minute intervals. If you set the timer to 20-minute intervals, for example, the sensor will operate the fan when activated either for 20 minutes or until humidity levels are sufficiently reduced (whichever comes first).

Automate Periodic Ventilation

You can use the Control’s second dial to choose between different two operating modes: 1) standard humidity control or 2) Air Cycle Mode. When you put the Control in Air Cycle Mode, the fan automatically turns on every hour for a set period of time, whether or not humidity is detected. For example, the fan can be programmed to turn on for 20 minutes and turn off for 40 minutes every hour.

Save Energy, Reduce Costs

Designed to help you save energy, the Control features a sensitivity level adjustment that allows you to adjust the sensor’s sensitivity to humidity. Lowering sensitivity can help prevent false activation from insignificant levels of humidity, such as the steam created by running a hot faucet for a few minutes.

Installation Details

The Humidity Sensor and Fan Control fits in a standard wall box and can easily replace an existing single-pole switch. It requires a neutral connection for operation, and a single-gang wallplate for a professional, clean appearance.

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