360 Electrical Revolve+ Surge Protector Now With USB Chargers

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Minimize the space wasted by bulky power adapters when you plug into the 360 Electrical Revolve+ Surge Protector with USB Chargers. This revolutionary surge protector plugs into an existing outlet and features four outlets that all rotate 360 degrees in either direction, allowing you to fit four adapters right next to each other. Just twist one and plug another in! The surge protector also provides two USB ports to charge smartphones, MP3 players, and more without any adapter at all!

  • Unlimited clockwise/counterclockwise outlet rotation
  • Dual USB charging up to 2.4A, 12 Watts
  • 918 joules of surge protection for sensitive devices
  • Powers plugged-in devices during rotation
  • Minimal design inspired by dynamic balance

See It Here:

The surge protector’s “turn and hold” system keeps rotated plugs in place, and all four outlets turn and hold in 24 unique positions for maximum flexibility. The surge protector’s compact shape (not much bigger than a handheld electronic) fits neatly on your wall. A mounting screw and post provide secure attachment if needed.

Patented X3 Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV) provide advanced surge protection technology for stronger resistance to heat. The protector even features two different LEDs to indicate that surge protection is fully active. It also has internal premium copper-to-copper contacts. Premium copper blade and ground contacts provide consistent long-term retention.

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