The Wait Is Over: OEM Systems In-Wall Audio System is Back!

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Enjoy music throughout your home or office with the dual-zone OEM Systems In-Wall Audio System. This traditional, space-saving audio system plays CDs as well as AM/FM radio stations, and includes both a USB port and an AUX input for streaming audio from any external device (iPod, iPad, flash drive, etc.). With two internal stereo amplifiers and two pairs of outputs, the system is capable of driving eight pairs of 8-Ohm loudspeakers to distribute clear, synchronized audio from the kitchen to the bedrooms.

  • Drives up to 8 pairs of 8-ohm loudspeakers
  • Front USB port for playing MP3 devices
  • Alarm clock with timer and sleep functions
  • Adjustable LCD display with backlight

The audio system mounts on a wall at a convenient location in your home or office. Up to eight pairs of 8-ohm speakers (without impedance compensation) connect directly to the unit. Once installed, you can wirelessly control the entire system using the included IR remote control. Local control is also provided by a comprehensive button configuration and an adjustable, backlit LCD screen.

External Accessories

With pre-amp outputs for driving external Power Amplifiers (RCA jacks), the audio system also supports accessory devices, including OEM’s optional Mainstation iPod, iPhone & iPad Docking Station (SD-1), an add-on dock that enables remote control for your iPod or other Apple 30-pin device. It’s the easiest way to play music from your Apple device, without having to get up every time you want to skip a song.

You can also connect OEM’s Mainstation Wireless Bluetooth Receiver (SB-1) to add Bluetooth connectivity to the In-Wall Audio System. This allows you to wirelessly stream content from your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device, without a direct connection to the audio system.

Basic Installation

The audio system is designed to be installed horizontally between 2×4 wall studs with 16″ on-center spacing. “Main Speaker Pair A” is the primary speaker output, ideal for connecting speakers installed near the In-Wall Audio System. “Auxiliary Speaker Pair B” serves as an independent output for speakers in a separate location, such as the living room or a bedroom. Both Pairs provide identical output with independent volume adjustments. Speaker Pair B also provides a paging output.

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