Goodbye Winter; Hello Spring

Fun Facts

Happy Spring

Happy First Day of Spring, from Home Controls. Here’s some fun trivia to welcome the new season:

  • We’ve all heard the term ‘vernal equinox’. Vernal means ‘spring’ and equinox means ‘equal night’. Both words are from Latin. Despite the term, the day when there are 12 equal hours of daylight and darkness usually happens before the first day of spring.
  • Some of the plants that have strong associations with spring include dandelions, daffodils, lilies, primroses, hyacinths, tulips, azaleas, iris and lilacs. Dandelions originated in Asia.
  • Several singers have sung about spring including Van Morrison (Celtic Spring), Billie Holiday (Some Other Spring) and Frank Sinatra (Suddenly it’s Spring).
  • Animals and insects associated with spring include the rabbit, frog, deer, fox, bear, bee, butterfly, ladybug and hummingbird.
  • Spring fever is not just a myth – the body may experience physiological changes due to changes in diet, hormone production and temperature.
  • Children grow faster in spring.
  • Spring is when birds return home after migrating in winter. About 1800 bird species migrate.
  • Baby birds learn to sing. Baby birds are born with the ability to sing, but they must learn the specific songs of their species. They are thought to acquire these songs between 10 to 60 days of age and begin to sing them the next spring when they have matured at about 300 days old.
  • It has been suggested that spring cleaning dates back to the Persian New Year where they practice “Khoneh Tekouni” which means “Shaking the house”. Another possibility of the origin can be traced to the ancient Jewish of cleansing the home in anticipation of passover.
  • Emeralds represent spring, rebirth, hope, peace, and tranquility.
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