Goodbye Keys! Unlock Doors With Your Finger

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Now you never have to worry about losing your keys. Home Controls offers the eKey Home Integra, a biometric access control system that allows you to unlock your home door with your finger! eKey combines the sophisticated technology of a finger scanner with the elegance and convenience of a front door console. The integrated finger scanner offers easy access without keys, codes or cards. The control panel is extremely compact and is securely located in the door leaf.

  • Simple: No computer is needed for enrolling fingerprints or managing the system. There is no logging or scheduling.
  • Options: A 1-Relay system unlocks the door. A 3-Relay system unlocks the doors and activates other systems, like a home alarm.
  • Convenient: The key is literally always in your hands. Scanner has a 99 fingerprint capacity with 1-to-many matching algorithm.
  • Secure: The system cannot be manipulated from the outside. Plus, you’ll never lose your key!

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