Elk Adds 2-Way Wireless Smoke Detector

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Designed for use with a wireless ready ELK M1 controller, the ELK Wireless Smoke Detector integrates into an ELK home system. When multiple detectors are installed, one sensor can wirelessly activate all sensors upon smoke or heat detection. It can also automatically notify your central monitoring station. These features help ensure safety for the entire family and an immediate emergency response to fire.

  • Detects smoke with a photoelectric sensor
  • Includes fixed and rate-of-rise temperature detection
  • One detector activates all detectors in system
  • Built-in diagnostics and drift compensation
  • Works with the Two-Way Wireless Transceiver

See It Herewww.homecontrols.com/ELK-Wireless-Smoke-Detector-ELK6050

Reliable Wireless Communication

The ELK Wireless Smoke Detector works with the ELK Two-Way Wireless Transceiver to send and receive wireless signals to/from the ELK M1 controller. Two-way technology allows the system to continually monitor and adjust RF signals, delivering reliable wireless communication and extended battery life.

Powerful Smoke Detection Technologies

Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, this photoelectric smoke detector provides rapid “rate-of-rise” temperature detection and fixed temperature heat detection (135 degrees F).

Built-in self-diagnostics and drift compensation help maintain the sensor for long life. Diagnostics monitor sensitivity and operation status, while drift compensation automatically adjusts sensitivity to account for dust that accumulates on the sensor over time. This reduces the frequency of required cleanings, as well as false alarms.

NOTE: Requires the ELK Two-Way Wireless Transceiver (sold separately).

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