Zipato Modular Automation System Now Available At Home Controls

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Home Controls has been selected as the first home automation and security distributor in the U.S. to sell and support the Zipabox smart home system from Zipato. This established controller sets itself apart with a small modular design, and extremely simple and flexible tools for creating home automation rules. Zipato is a powerful modular system that includes all functions of home security, lighting control, multi-room thermostats, and elder care all in one system. The modular controller design allows homeowners to buy exactly the configuration they need. Start with an easy-to-install Zipabox controller and then customize your system with snap-in expansion modules. "The ability to easily customize the entire system according to your personal needs affords you an unlimited number of possibilities to improve your way of living," said Sebastian Popovic, CEO of Zipato.

Plenty of options at an affordable price make Zipato the perfect automation technology for any home. It provides professional installers as well as do-it-yourself homeowners with all the necessary options to create the perfect living environment with a custom automation solution.

“We are very excited about adding Zipato products to our wide range of automation and security products,” said Ken Kerr, CEO of Home Controls. “Zipato is the most intuitive and flexible system among many of the wireless home automation systems tested by our technical team. Home Controls is now ready to provide Zipato products and full technical support to our customers.”

Zipato systems are available in 47 different countries around the world. Thanks to Home Controls, Zipato is now available in the U.S. as well.

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