Leviton Introduces Their Most Powerful USB Charging Outlet

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The Leviton USB Charger/Tamper-Resistant Receptacles are combination devices that have two USB Ports and two 15 Amp or 20 Amp Tamper-Resistant Receptacles. These devices are designed for maximum charging efficiency and have the ability to charge up to two USB powered electronic devices at once, leaving the outlet(s) free for additional power needs.

You can plug USB charging cables directly into a power outlet when you install the Leviton Combination Duplex Receptacle and USB Charger (15A). Designed to replace existing duplex power outlets, this hybrid receptacle and USB charger is simple to install and perfect for any outlet location in your home.

  • Outlets support 15A plug-in devices
  • USB ports deliver 3.6A of charging power
  • Smart chip optimizes USB charging
  • Compatible with USB 2.0 devices

See It Here:

The Combination Duplex Receptacle and USB Charger features two power outlets and two USB ports, which are positioned to allow use of all four at the same time. This 15A model supports 15 Amp plug-in devices and delivers 3.6 Amps of charging power through the USB ports. When a USB device is plugged in, the receptacle’s smart chip detects the type of device and optimizes charging for that individual device.

The unit fits into a standard electrical box. Installation can be finished with a standard wallplate (sold separately). The unit can also be multi-ganged with other devices.

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2 Comments on Leviton Introduces Their Most Powerful USB Charging Outlet

  1. Does a USB outlet with z wave exist? I can’t seem to find both features in a single outlet?

  2. There is not a Z-Wave controller outlet available with USB chargers; however, Aeon Labs does make a plug-in Z-Wave module that has a built-in USB charger. See if here: http://www.homecontrols.com/aeon-labs-aeotec-z-wave-smart-switch-6

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